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The Labradoodle is a popular dog and that has a very good reason. The Australian Labradoodle became extremely popular because people with allergies, who were not able to have a dog before, suddenly could have a dog of their own. The normal Labradoodle is not always suitable for severe allergies but has the same perfect character and looks as the Australian Labradoodle. They both are friendly, intelligent, sweet, great with children, great with other dogs and pets and some of them have a beautiful job as an assistance dog. And all of them have the cute looks of a living Teddybear!

We have 2 Labradoodles. Guusje a Labradoodle with Australian Labradoodle bloodlines and Loesje is an ALF1 with Cocker Spaniel bloodlines. Loesje lives in a loving guardian home and is not health tested yet. She will be tested in 2018.

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