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Our puppies usually stay with us for about 9 weeks but if a puppy is mentally not ready to move to it’s new family it will stay as long as it takes to get ready. The puppies are born and grow up in our livingroom. They get used to people, children, other dogs, our 2 cats and lots of sounds. We start with puppy potty training so the new owners only have to continue the training. The parents of all of our puppies are health tested and the puppies go with a 2 year health guarantee for hereditary diseases.


When our puppies go to their new owners they are/have:


- 2 year health guarantee for hereditary diseases

- a purchase contract

- healthy and checked by our vet

- vaccinations after titering

- had worm prevention

-  a pedigree

-  an ID chip

- a european pasport

- a packet which includes grooming products, toys, blanket, leash and harness and   food and treats for the first weeks.


What we expect from the new owners:

-  that they have studied the needs of the breed and know what is involved.

-  that they do not work full days








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